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My name is Magi Lewandowska I am a dietitian and Rapid Transformational Therapy™ practitioner

I have always been extremely curious about the world and people around me. Literature and lingustics studies (UMCS) have taught me that the words we speak have great power. Dietary studies (National Food and Nutrition Institute) have shown how what we eat affects every cell in our body. Positive Psychology course (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) was the discovery that in therapy we can focus on possibilities and potential, not on a problem. The School of Dietetics according to Chinese Medicine changed my way of thinking about food and the world by 180 degrees. On the way, there were also courses and trainings in herbalism, aromatherapy, reflexology and laughter yoga. The workshops by Gregg Braden and Dr. Joe Dispenza turned out to be turning everything upside down, because they showed me that modern science is already slowly explaining everything that the ancients knew. Until I finally found Marisa Peer and her Rapid Transformational Therapy school. And I feel that this order was not accidental. Thanks to RTT hypnosis, I first solved my health and emotional problems (migraines, depression, bereavement, being ACA and everything related to it – lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem, blockages to abundance in life). Now, in my 40’s, my life is better and more beautiful than ever before, I am happy and willing to accompany others in finding their own beauty.

Anthony de Mello

„Nothing has changed but my attitude, therefore, everything has changed.”