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HypnoDiet 3-month process of returning to your natural weight

  • Intro session to map out your transformation
  • 3 Phenomenal RTT Sessions
  • 3 custom-created hypnosis recordings to rewire redundant, limiting beliefs and solidify new supportive ones
  • 3 nutritional consultations
  • Dietary recommendations + food diary check
  • Gratitude Meditation Training
  • 24/7 email support for 90 days
  • Phenomenal change in health, appearance and self-esteem

HypnoDiet is a 3-month program that will completely change your weight, confidence and self-esteem

Many people no longer believe that they can lose weight because they have tried „everything” for years and are still struggling with overweight and obesity. In fact, the most common cause of weight problems are unconscious emotional hurts (parental criticism, loss, breakup, sexual harassment etc.), which no diet is able to solve, hence each subsequent one fails. That is why I created a 3-month online program, based on the RTT method and the latest knowledge in the field of dietetics. During 3 RTT sessions, you will discover the cause of your excess weight and solve it. In addition, you will receive accurate, simple and tailored nutrition guidelines and will be under my personal care for 3 months. Thanks to this, you will effortlessly achieve your dream weight and maintain it after the end of the program. You will completely forget what the yo-yo effect is.

Investment in yourself – 1390 Euros