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Anthony de Mello

„What you realize you also control; what you don’t realize controls you. We are always slaves to what we don’t realize. If you realize something, you will be free of it. This something is of course still within you, but it is not an obstacle for you. It does not control you, it does not enslave you. This is the main difference.”

RTT™ Rapid Transformational Therapy™

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a hybrid therapy that combines hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, neurolinguistic programming and cognitive behavioral therapy. Created over 30 years ago by the British therapist Marisa Peer, led by therapists around the world, it allows you to achieve results at an extraordinary pace. RTT uses the power of the subconscious mind, which, as we know from the latest research, drives over 95% of our behavior and reactions. Therefore, from 1 to 3 sessions is enough to get rid of the problem that has been troubling you for years

RTT, by changing beliefs, emotions and fixed patterns of behavior, brings an extraordinary, permanent change freeing from physical and emotional pain. During RTT hypnotherapy sessions, new neural connections are formed in the brain, which allows the self-healing process to start. The method was developed on the basis of research on the neuroplasticity of the human brain.

Which topics can be addressed with RTT™ ?

    • allergies
    • panic attacks
    • insomnia
    • lack of self-confidence
    • autoimmune diseases
    • chronic constipation
    • ACA
    • depression
    • pain (spine, joints)
    • phobias
    • insulin resistance and diabetes
    • stuttering
    • migraines
    • overweight and obesity
    • addictions (alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, work, sweets)
  • recurrent sinusitis 
  • low self-esteem 
  • low libido 
  • neurosis 
  • nail biting 
  • problems with memory and concentration 
  • procrastination 
  • PMS 
  • PTSD 
  • fear of speaking a foreign language 
  • fear of public speaking 
  • tinnitus 
  • stage fright 
  • difficulties with getting pregnant 
  • irritable bowel syndrome

Why Hypnosis?

Therapeutic hypnosis is the fastest and easiest way to access the resources of the subconscious mind, which stores all our memories and experiences. In this way, we can understand what drives our unwanted behavior and what makes certain situations recur in our lives. Understanding in hypnosis is a tremendous liberating power. Once we understand the cause of our problem, the transformation process begins. In a state of hypnotic trance, our subconscious mind easily accepts new suggestions that are favorable to us (just as it once accepted the negative ones that were the source and cause of our problems).

Is hypnosis safe?

Hypnotic trance is a completely natural and safe state that we experience at least twice a day – right after waking up and just before falling asleep. We often experience this state, for example, during a long car ride on the highway or in the creative process, when we „forget about the whole world”. Hypnosis is also the safest form of therapy, because the change takes place without external factors (drugs, herbs, massage, etc.). The therapist is also unable to make negative, unfavorable suggestions for us. We remember everything and decide about everything. During RTT hypnosis sessions, we go back to who we are, who we came into the world – made perfect by nature, without negative beliefs, trauma, fear, etc.

Carl Gustav Jung

„Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will guide your life, and you will call it destiny.”